I’m loving the look of white on white right now. It’s so classically summer (which by the way, if you haven’t checked your calendar, arrives tomorrow).

What I adore about white is its timeless appeal.  It always looks fresh and modern. Pair white with the right accessories and you have a chic and elegant look that is also super easy to put together ( and who doesn’t love the idea of simplicity?). Bonus points for the nice boost it gives my complexion. read more

Ray Bans2REAL LIFE 2

Au courant though they may be at the moment, I would not wear them if I absolutely didn’t have to. But I have to. (Sure, I’ve been wearing readers for a while now, but they’re not really glasses, are they?) I’m talking about having to wear real, prescription strength glasses.

Forget the new study from the British College of Optometrists that found that those who wear glasses to a job interview are more likely to land the job than their non-glasses wearing counterparts.  Let’s give job interviewers more credit than that.  A person’s intelligence quotient doesn’t get amped up when they put on a pair of glasses, or does it?  Evidently perception is reality, and those who wear glasses, according to the study are simply perceived to be smarter than those who don’t. Could it be those who commissioned the study just want to sell more glasses?  Just a thought. read more

BWFINALSTYLEThe great thing about having a wardrobe full of classics is that they never go out of style. Take black and white, for instance—one of my all-time favorite pairings—always timeless, right? Well, despite the fact that I personally have never relegated this dynamic duo to the back of my closet, they are once again enjoying their time in the spotlight, being heralded as one of the season’s hottest trends—think monochrome and minimalist. I probably wear more black and white than any other combination (and have enough derivations of it in my wardrobe to last several lifetimes). read more