Operation major move is officially underway. Our house is on the market.  We had out first showing yesterday and it reminded me that this is the part of moving I probably dislike most—the running around like crazy part, the making sure everything is perfect part, the driving around in the car with the dog for two hours part, the anxiously awaiting a call from your broker telling you it’s safe to go back home part—not fun. Trust me, I get it. It all comes with the territory when you’re selling a house. Still, there is something strangely surreal and even unnerving knowing that a complete and total stranger may have just walked through your closet and opened your underwear drawer. (Deep breath. Deep breath.) Onward and upward to a new underwear drawer and another great adventure, right? read more


Sometimes you just have to stop and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you.  In my case the message is clear—take five.  Maybe I’ll even take ten.  Time for a little break.  I’ll be back soon.

In the meantime…

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and  a Happy Easter!  Hope you find countless reasons to smile!