One Step At A Time

Happy Friday, everyone! So great to finally be back with you!

I’m thrilled…

no, I’m elated…

okay, I’m ecstatic to report to you that this week, this monumental week, something really big happened.

(No, I didn’t finish those books I’ve been working on, or win the lottery, though it sort of feels like it.)

This week we said goodbye to our temporary housing and our inflatable mattress (definitely a story for another post ;)) and FINALLY moved into our new home.

After months of being displaced and truthfully, feeling pretty lost, we actually got to sleep in a real bed this week – our bed – and yes, climbing into a bed that didn’t feel like one of those bouncy-houses that kids like to play in, sort of felt like winning the lottery.

As for all that’s transpired in the last several months – wow! – all I can say is, it’s been a head-spinning whirlwind.

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