Weekend Wonders

Chicago may have lost its bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games, but the City of Big Shoulders has been too busy playing host to other big events to look back—the Ryder Cup last week, the Chicago Marathon and college football at Soldier Field over the weekend.

Two old rivals came helmet to helmet for the first time in more than 20-years as the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame took on the Miami Hurricanes.

More than 60-thousand fans were in attendance for the Saturday night game that ended in an Irish victory of epic proportions. The final score 41-3.

Between the Irish and Miami fans converging on our fair city, to the European contingent who won the Ryder Cup, to an Ethiopian who took first place at the Chicago Marathon, it would appear that though the city lost its Olympic bid it has nonetheless been host to a mini-Olympics of sorts for the past couple of weeks.  Looking back over its broad shoulders?  No way.  The city is too busy moving forward, albeit slowly sometimes, to ever look back.

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9 thoughts on “Weekend Wonders

  1. This was a wonderful tribute! I loved your play on words. . .regarding no reason to “look back. . .” Makes me want to say, “Go Chicago!”

  2. Hi Marie,
    Did you go to the game? I have a friend who’s a big Irish fan. He and his wife were at the game.
    Your photos are incredible as always! You should be an ambassador to Chicago.
    I am SO calling you if we get a chance to visit! :)

    • Anytime, Jeannie! If you ever make it to the Windy City I’m happy to be your tour guide :-)

      The family and I were at the game Saturday night, and being that we’re also big Irish fans (my daughter just graduated from ND this past May) we were thrilled with the outcome!

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