Things That Make Me Smile

The Brooch is Back

Thank you, Oscar. Your glorious Fall 2012 Collection, both fun and fabulous, brought back a former heavyweight in fashion accessories—the brooch.  During this year’s fashion week, Mr. de la Renta gave the brooch center stage, using the ancient adornment to embellish sheaths, jackets, sweaters, collars, belts, and even the classic headband. Comebacks are nothing new in the world of fashion where designers frequently indulge our fashion sensibilities by bringing back styles from days gone by.   Sometimes those styles fall flat, proving that once was most certainly enough or that even once was too much—think Hammer pants, those 80s harem pants made famous by rapper MC Hammer, that were brought back yet again this past summer.  Not a good look on anyone unless you’re a professional breakdancer.  On the other hand, how lovely it is when retro works, as in the case of the beloved brooch.

Looking back over my own style evolution, the brooch often played a starring role in my look.  It  happened to be my go-to accessory when I first started my career in TV news. Rarely did I anchor a newscast without wearing one.  Crystal, pave, baroque, deco—whatever my mood, I pinned to my heart’s content, long before Pinterest ever existed.My love of these often dazzling, decorative adornments can be traced back to my childhood .  Both my mother and grandmother wore brooches with great panache.  My Mom had one brooch in particular that as a child I had a major obsession with—an emerald-green, jewel-encrusted cluster that I simply adored, no doubt because she made wearing it look so good. She pinned it in the center of a smashing long-sleeve fitted wool dress in vibrant kelly-green and to my then little girl eyes she looked like a dream.

Yes, I am thrilled that the brooch is back.  It’s been fun unearthing some of my late 80s and early 90s relics and I’m poised to start pinning again :-)

Don’t you just love a good comeback?!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.  Hope you find countless reasons to smile!



19 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Smile

  1. Ah ha. . .the famous, “What’s old is new,” concept strikes again! LOVE the emerald brooch, but adore even more the idea of “a good comeback,” for more reasons than one :-)

  2. I love Oscar de la Renta! These pictures are fabulous. I especially love the one of you as an anchor, how wonderful to see! I too love brooches and have some of my grandmothers. I might have to incorporate them on the blog;) Love this post, xoxo

    • There’s something really lovely about wearing a vintage brooch—the knowing that as we pin them to our sweater or belt, in another time and place our mothers and grandmothers were doing the same thing. Love the sense of history!

  3. For me …the Dandy, the Brooch never wet away. I have a small colletion that I love. My go to is a small fleur de lys (about an inch long) that I pin on my black overcoat. I change it out sometimes with a small crown, I mean if Prince Rainier could pull it off so can I. On formal occasions I have a beautiful Deco strawberry in white rhinestones I pin on my tux lapel.

  4. I love your creative and beautiful examples of how to accessories with brooches. If only I could remember that I have several wonderful pieces to add a wonderful pop to my wardrobe. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I love Oscar de la Renta and I especially love the way he showcased all those lovely brooches. Like you, I have to remember to integrate mine back into my wardrobe. I’ve become such a creature of habit :-)

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