23 thoughts on “Midweek Classic

  1. I love your midweek classic photos! Your mom is so beautiful and classy!
    Love love love her plaid suite. Oh, and that typewriter! What would we do if we had to go back to good ol’ typewriters? I remember typing my college papers on one of those….kids these day have no idea how fortunate they are to have computers!

  2. The office surroundings embody everything classic from the 1950’s, but what I love is the camera captured your Mother’s sweet disposition. This must have been a happy time for her! (Or maybe I’ve been fooled, and she’s thinking, “someday, you are going to be getting the coffee for ME, mister!) Thank you for sharing this wonderful shot.

    • You’ve read her well! She is very happy in this photo! She had recently graduated from DePaul University’s secretarial school and landed a job at a Chicago radio station that she absolutely loved! She handled the payroll and was secretary to the station manager. Not sure if she ever got any of the all male staff a cup of coffee :-) but I do know they were forever making her laugh, which isn’t a bad way to spend a work day :-)

  3. There is something so nostalgic about vintage photographs. Every photo has a way of making the subject look great and cultured with such an impacted story….. Its hard for me to put into perspective what I am trying to convey……….but anyhow your Mother is a beautiful soul.

  4. Quite a glamorous working girl, I think you take after her. Here things are not so glamorous — a Wedgewood range parked in the living room, an electric tea kettle perched on top of a microwave, perched on top of a butcher block in the dining room. It’s always so nice to visit your blog — and I’m trying to remember what you told me, this is the exciting part when everything is possible and the smell of fresh paint and wood are in the air…

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