Weekend Wonders

 “When I was a girl, Chicagoans had to travel far and wide to see things of beauty.  I am glad I have lived to see the day when people now come from far and wide to see beautiful things in Chicago.”  ~Kate Buckingham, May, 1939

When Chicagoan Kate Buckingham commissioned architect Edward H. Bennett to design Buckingham Fountain in memory of her late brother Clarence, she did so to expose all people in her beloved city to beauty and art.  There is no question that she succeeded in doing so, as the iconic fountain is today one of the city’s most magnificent architectural jewels.  It also happens to be one of my favorite hometown landmarks.

Located in Grant Park and dedicated in 1927, the fountain’s design is based on the Latona Fountain at the Palace of Versailles in France.

It is one of the world’s largest fountains, constructed of gorgeous Georgia pink marble.  It is meant to symbolize Lake Michigan, with four bronze sea horses representing the four states around it—Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana.

Three circular basins hold 1.5 Million gallons of recycled water that erupts every two hours into a giant 137 foot  water spout.Evening light shows are simply spectacular and can be seen through October 1st.  It is really something to behold—a must-see for anyone visiting Chicago. How lucky am I to have all this beauty right in my own backyard?

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31 thoughts on “Weekend Wonders

  1. Marie! With that magnificent fountain bassed on the one at Versailles …and you in that dress and those incroyable shoes….. well my dear, let them eat cake! You really have impeccable personal style. I think Diana Vreeland would have adored you…I mean, to go to that spot in that dress in the middle of the day and make it YOURS. What a woman!

    • Thank you so much, Lanier, for your kind words! This is the year that I vowed to be bold :-) and of course the creative in me could not stand in front of an architecturally magnificent fountain such as the Buckingham without donning an equally architecturally magnificent dress :-)

      • Wow I just knew it! This is so wonderful to hear that you are being brave and bold and making a statement. Going for that something that makes one unique and wonderful. Fearless is beauty. Brava!!

  2. Those photos are breathtaking! What an amazing photographer you have and you, the beautiful model and those SHOES!!!!!!!!!! Keep rocking! :)

    • Thanks so much, Jeni! I have been forcing my cameras into the hands of my daughter and or husband to get the shots of me for these weekend pieces and they have both been quite gracious not to mention amazing with a camera :-)

  3. So beautiful! The fountain is spectacular. But, you are the true beauty in the photographs! You look gorgeous..and that dress and those shoes..art works in their own right. Wonderful post!

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