1. It’s so true! Fashion in my mom and even my grandmother’s day was so fabulous! I have countless vintage photographs of both of them looking so chic—not a bad one in the bunch! Our generation on the other hand rocked some pretty forgettable looks and I have all the awful photographs of myself to prove it :-)

    1. Thanks, Elisa! This photograph actually has a pretty hysterical backstory. My mother and her girlfriends planned a weekend getaway on the advice of another friend. When they arrived at the recommended resort they realized that nudity was allowed—not exactly a nudist colony but a resort that encouraged visitors to bare it all and evidently many did! My mother was not happy— hence the expression on her face :-)

  1. Interesting how our mother’s in the 1950’s all looked like movie stars. There is something of Dorothy Malone about your mother in this picture. Truly glamorous.

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