Georgia On My Mind

The Peach State, as it’s called because of the amazing peaches grown here, is undeniably beautiful!  A lush, green, winding landscape greeted us as we entered the state, and at this point in our the trip we were finally able to take our jackets off.  The air blowing in through our open windows was downright balmy, a sure sign that we were headed south.  We were bound for Atlanta, where we had planned on spending a full day exploring, but because time got away from us in Nashville, that plan didn’t end up working out.  We pulled into town on the late side, and by then we were exhausted and just a tad bit hungry (read: starving) :-)   Once we checked into our room at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead, we knew it was going to be a room service kind of night. We had a full day of driving ahead of us and really just wanted to catch our breath before the drive to Orlando and a business convention.   In the end, all we really ended up seeing of Atlanta, was the city’s early morning skyline, shot from our hotel window.

This is the second road trip we’ve taken where Atlanta ended up being a quick stopover instead of a leisurely stay.  We’re determined to change that the next time through and with the good grace of God, we’ll be back.

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