Things That Make Me Smile

Design tricks that may seem contra:

It may seem redundant to hang a room partition on an already existing wall—they are, after all, created to turn one space into two—but if you have a lot of extra wall space, these partitions, particularly the painted and oriental varieties, can add drama and beauty to any room in your home.

When I moved my in-town studio into my home six years ago I found myself with quite a lot of extra furniture, including two large painted screens.  I had no need to use them as room dividers, as I had done in  my studio, so instead I decided to turn them into wall art.

I hung the smaller of the two screens (7′ x 7.5′) on my living room wall…

and hung the larger of the two (16′ x 7.5′) in the master bedroom, behind the bed.

Instead of being banished to the basement storage area, the screens are now the focal point of the rooms they occupy, creating beautiful backdrops for the furnishings. Perhaps not the way they were intended to be used, but that’s the best part, isn’t it?

Wishing you a wonderful weekend—hope you find countless reasons to smile!

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