“When you are loved, your heart rushes forth in the joy of the dance of life.

 Like someone who has been lost for years in a forgotten place,

you rejoice in being found…

When you are discovered, you then discover yourself.

 It is quite touching to see love bring someone home so swiftly to herself.”

Beverly Hills Hotel, 6 July 2005

I am still rejoicing in being found—still rejoicing in the discovery of a love that is deep and true and unconditional.  I remain baffled as to how my husband showed up at just the right time in my life, but I am so glad he did.  A finer man I do not know—kind, compassionate, a gentleman through and through. When people ask me how we met I often joke that he fell from heaven.  On this day that celebrates Love, I celebrate my husband—my love, my light, my favorite traveling companion.  Cheers to the amazing road ahead!

Wishing all who stop by love and blessings today and everyday—Happy Valentine’s Day!


Photographer  James Johnson captured this shot.


  1. Thanks for sharing the road with me.. You are and always will be the best part of my life.. Always remember you are “the “greatest of all time” and my greatest blessing……….

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