Things That Make Me Smile

When you lose someone you love it is hard to imagine that you will ever smile again, and yet in my case, when I think about my mother, the very first thing I do is smile.  The woman who said, “You gotta laugh,” just had a way about her—she loved life—food, fashion, fabulous parties—and she taught me in everything she did, that come what may, you can always find something to smile about.  When I get up each morning and round the corner into the hallway that leads to my kitchen, I smile back at her beaming face that illuminates the niche her photograph now sits in.

Smile, she seems to be saying, and so I do—for her—for me.

Things that make me smile right now:

A steaming cup of joe—Julius Meinl President Blend is my fav—don’t think I could start my day without it.

Diane Keaton’s new book, Then Again—a wonderful read—love her—love the book.

My daughter coming home from college for an unexpected visit last night—always a reason to smile!

The arrival of more birthday cards—one prettier than the next.

Learning my favorite actress,like me, believes in ghosts.

And finally, how can I not smile knowing that my parents are together again after more than 25-years of being apart.  As my husband recently said, “Now, every night is Saturday night for your mom and dad.”

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!  Hope you find countless reasons to smile.

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